Review: The Independent Critic about Ramly at War Begins

“Having already played in multiple film festivals internationally, including Action on Film, Arizona Underground Film Festival, Bootleg 2.0 Film Festival and Germany’s Crank Cookie Short Film Festival, Ramly at War Begins isn’t so much about the performances as it is about the film’s message and action sequences involving Mixed Martial Arts style sequences along with

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Ramly at War Begins – Review on Cinema Crazed

“I think with a lot of time, more resources, a bigger budget, and a feature length, director Juliane Block is capable directing and creating a modern martial arts masterpiece. Because if you watch “Ramly at War” you’ll discover that Block knows exactly what the hell she’s doing both on-screen and behind the camera. She’s able

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Julie about ‘Ramly at War Begins’ (Director Statement)

I love Asian action movies. Being a female white director in Asia isn’t necessarily a common thing, but Malaysia has proven very open and very supportive to my visions. I met Chee Hong at an indie movie screening and immediately thought I need to get to work with these guys! In my previous movie projects

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IndieFlix Play It Again Podcast with “Ramly at War Begins” Filmmaker Juliane Block

Lois Fein contacted me already a while ago, in fact it must have been almost 6 months now since I got the first request for a phone interview. At that time I just finished Ramly at War Begins and asked Indieflix to wait until the movie is available on DVD and stream through their website.

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“Ramly at War Begins” – now on DVD @Indieflix

Indieflix is a great source for indie films. And a great opportunity for filmmakers to get their films of the shelf and into distribution! Discover Films & Support Filmmakers 70% of the profits from every purchase you make go directly into the artist’s pocket. Explore tons of award winning features, shorts, and docs on DVD

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Competition: Ramly at War Begins @Filmannex War of Films

I already inserted Ramly at War Begins mid last month into Filmannex’ War of Films competition… but to catch up with the leads in terms of votes was tough! Therefore I thought let’s make a new try in June. And here we go! To vote for Ramly at War Begins click here … and this

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Ramly at War Begins @ Crank Cookie Kurzfilmtage (Germany)

And another festival: the 5th CrankCookieShortFilmFestival in Passau (Germany) from June 9th to June 13th 2010 has been thrilled by our filmlet “Ramly at war begins” and that’s why they selected it for the CrankCookieShortFilm Competition in the category International

Ramly at War Begins @ Bootleg Film Festival (London)

Ramly at War Begins selected for the Bootleg Film Festival in London. Screening dates: 5th, 6th and 7th February 2010!

Ramly at War Begins – the film, trailer & making of

Ramly at War Begins – now@

sevenload – Web TV, Videos, Photos, Video Clips and Movies – now hosts Ramly at War Begins The film & the making of!

Ramly at War Begins ONLINE Premiere

Reason being: a German competition of König Pilsener (beer brand) with the 1st price of 10.000 EUR production funding… So… even you’ve already seen the movie in one of the KL screenings, in Hong Kong or Arizona please click 5 Stars below! Thanks!! If you’ve any trouble or questions… contact me anytime Cheers and thanks!

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‘Underground Exposure’ about ‘Ramly at War Begins’

Rj Ruud from ‘Underground Exposure‘ says: “Ramly at War Begins: An Action packed crime-drama with a heartfelt story of brotherhood woven with hard-hitting fight scenes. Nice Work! Love the intro Credits. Great story-line. Your direction was very good, creating characters that feel real and a story that never slows. Some of the best choreographed, shot

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Ramly at War Begins at Arizona Underground Film Festival

Ramly At War Begins has been accepted as a part of the 2009 Arizona Underground Film Festival (Nov. 2nd thru 7th) It will be screening on Saturday November 7th at The Screening Room at 12:00pm. The full schedule will be up and ready to view on our website by Oct. 15th.

Ramly at War Begins & more in Hong Kong 13th Oct 2009!

Schedule: 13 October 2009 Tuesday 8pm Ticket price: Free (seats are limited) Venue: Hong Kong International Film Academy Unit 1307, Block B, Ming Pao Industrial Centre, 18 Ka Yip Street Chai Wan, HK, Hong Kong Address in Chinese: 柴灣嘉業街18號 明報工業中心1307B Tel: +852-91077329 Fax: +852-28977728 email: Enquiry and registration by email: Program: KOWLOON

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Ramly at War Begins – press

‘Underground Exposure’ about ‘Ramly at War Begins’ – 1st December 2009 Rj Ruud from the Underground Exposure Film Festival about RAW: “You should be very proud of this film.” Ramly at War @bookmarqc – 13th November 2009 “The whole short film has the HK feel to it – with main dialogue in Cantonese and very

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