Interview: Dexter Bahjanoon (DoP) about KINKS

Photo: Nancy Ford… But Dex and I couldn’t decide which photo – so he got 2 in 1 In the beginning I had a bit of trouble to adjust. The requirement was all natural lighting and usually I don’t like that. I would consider myself a lighting megalomanic hahaha! But after discussions with the directors

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Julie about ‘Ramly at War Begins’ (Director Statement)

I love Asian action movies. Being a female white director in Asia isn’t necessarily a common thing, but Malaysia has proven very open and very supportive to my visions. I met Chee Hong at an indie movie screening and immediately thought I need to get to work with these guys! In my previous movie projects

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Interview: Jeza Fenton (“Chad E. Tanner” / PA) about KINKS

Jeza aka Chad in the midst of the show contestants. Photo: Nancy Ford I’m half Maori which till today shocks most people when I tell them. Thus you’ll notice my hair is very thick and curly, so when I coloured it blond for the second time my hair was literally falling out and resembled what

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Interview: Marc Oberdorfer (DoP) about KINKS

Marc enjoys the wrap party in between Sofia & Tati I met Juliane, one of the directors and cast of Kinks in 2008 in Hong Kong at a independent filmmaker and actors meet up. A few months later I got an email if I wanted to shoot a short film for her since she was

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Interview: Amelia Chen (“Mariana”) about KINKS

Photo: Matt Marzuki Mariana is basically kind of a victim of circumstances. She wants to be a singer but has to do what she does to pay the bills. She loves her family and wants to make them proud but has made a few bad choices in life. She’s hoping with this that maybe, hopefully,

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I like this project & King is a Fink

… so I backed this project Check them out, a cool filmmaker duo from Chicago producing a movie in Brainerd, Minnesota (where Fargo was shot):

Interview: Aliff Zulkifli (producer, PM, 1.AD) about KINKS

Photo: Nancy Ford I’m a megalomaniac. I wanna do everything! Right now I can’t say if it’s film making or music. I need both. If I have to make a choice between acting and behind the camera I choose to stand behind the scenes. And there’s graphic design too.. :p Read the full interview on

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Interview: Danny ‘dC’ Chua (exec producer) about KINKS

Bodyguards (dC & King) carry Jay (Julie) out of the minister’s house I always suspected of Virginia as someone with (at least) a little perversed side. I always wondered how my good friend, Juliane the director, would be in a lead acting role. I was curious and I wanted first-hand experience to scratch the itch

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IndieFlix Play It Again Podcast with “Ramly at War Begins” Filmmaker Juliane Block

Lois Fein contacted me already a while ago, in fact it must have been almost 6 months now since I got the first request for a phone interview. At that time I just finished Ramly at War Begins and asked Indieflix to wait until the movie is available on DVD and stream through their website.

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Low Angle Productions Martial Arts Stunt Reel 2010

A compilation of some of the stuff Low Angle Productions did in 2009 and some from 2008 which did not make it in their previous show reel. I think it’s AWESOME! Support these guys Please feel free to visit their site at:

Interview: Sofia Goh (“Amelia”) about KINKS

Sofia next to Tati during the jungle shoot I somehow always have had this impression that directors are meticulous, brilliant, artsy megalomaniacs who are never happy with other people’s work. I didn’t face any of that during the Kinks shoot. Virginia & Juliane were two nice ladies, who knew what they were doing and so

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Interview: Vicky Balasundran (“Manesh”) about KINKS

Photo: Nancy Ford I have acted in Juliane’s two previous movies: “Emperor”, as Inspector Ravi. He is a cop who is caught in a love triangle. He gets rejected by his former love, and then messes up the case. “Unsecured Loan II” as Mr Singh. He is calm and composed. A twisted loanshark who manipulates

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“Ramly at War Begins” – now on DVD @Indieflix

Indieflix is a great source for indie films. And a great opportunity for filmmakers to get their films of the shelf and into distribution! Discover Films & Support Filmmakers 70% of the profits from every purchase you make go directly into the artist’s pocket. Explore tons of award winning features, shorts, and docs on DVD

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Interview: SOUNDWISE about KINKS

Ken from Soundwise next to Virginia and Aliff. Sound is one of the most important departments on set. Many of our actors were first timers. Any tips to improve their skills? Or tips for other crew members regarding the sound recording? Actors who speak too softly and mumble their lines is always something we come

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Malaysians!! KUNG FO MAGGI in Maggi’s TOP 30!!

… and another contest: a while ago Low Angle, Dex and I shot this video for the Maggi Mee Contest: And it got selected into the finals! The video is now part of the top 30 and is open for voting… the bummer… only Malaysians can vote, and they even have to register with their

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