How I earn money with my short films

You are a passionate filmmaker and you go all-out to make movies. Then we have something in common. But how to finance your movie passion? There are tons of blog posts out there on how to make your low or no budget movie and I’d say that’s the easier part. I’ve made a no budget

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Julie about ‘Ramly at War Begins’ (Director Statement)

I love Asian action movies. Being a female white director in Asia isn’t necessarily a common thing, but Malaysia has proven very open and very supportive to my visions. I met Chee Hong at an indie movie screening and immediately thought I need to get to work with these guys! In my previous movie projects

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Interview with filmmaker/producer Juliane Block

6th February 09 For years now, there has been quite a discussion about what “independent film” is. For me, after talking to Juliane Block about how she made her first feature film Emperor, the term “independent filmmaker” instantly made sense and its meaning became clearer than it has ever been. An up and coming filmmaker

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